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Braintrust Brand Messaging

Braintrust Brand Messaging 2.0 Updated: 08.16.21 Overview
Description: This is our brand messaging, outlining our vision, mission, values, purpose and tagline. The messaging stems from our Brand Narrative and will be used to replace our former messaging matrix, and will influence brand pillars through to audience positioning statements and value props (see framework below).
Messaging framework: This document represents the Brand messaging component:
Expectation: This should provoke an emotional connection to the Braintrust brand. It should guide the way our community acts, speaks and connects with one another.
Desired emotional response: Empowerment, Fairness, Pride
Audience: Our narrative is focused on the point of view of the individual worker and of labor as a group, not the corporation (client).

Braintrust Brand Messaging


The picture
To spread economic opportunity more equitably around the world.


The roadmap
Be the world’s most impactful talent network.


The reason
Today’s system of work will never serve us, the workers, so we must build a new one.


Values exercise.... ETA Q122.


Own it.
Your work. Your network. Your future.


Unlike other marketplaces that take 20% to 40% of earnings, Braintrust is the first decentralized talent network that connects highly skilled tech freelancers with the world’s most reputable brands like Nestle, Porsche, Atlassian, Goldman Sachs and Nike with 0% fees charged to talent.


Braintrust is the first decentralized talent network that connects skilled, vetted knowledge workers with the world’s most reputable brands. The community that relies on Braintrust to find work are the same people who own and build it, ensuring the network always serves the needs of its users, instead of a centrally-controlled corporation. Unlike other marketplaces that take 20% to 40% of talent earnings, Braintrust allows talent to keep 100% of earnings and enables clients to make their budgets go further by cutting out the unnecessary middle men.
The community expands beyond 50,000 members across 100+ countries. Braintrust partners with global enterprises including Nestle, Porsche, Atlassian, Goldman Sachs, and Nike. Braintrust is backed by Tiger Global, Coinbase Ventures, Pantera and Multicoin Capital along with a contingent of individual investors. For more information, visit:
It’s time we own it.

Brand Pillars

The qualities that make Braintrust distinct
  • Transparency
  • Authenticity
  • Unity
  • Quality
  • Revolutionary