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Withdrawing BTRST

⚠️ Braintrust will never ask you for personal information or credentials, nor will Braintrust ever discuss the value of BTRST beyond the utility it has on our network. Braintrust core team, admins or community leaders will never reach out to you directly on Discord to discuss the BTRST tokens.

Braintrust Academy | Withdrawing BTRST

Withdrawing BTRST on Braintrust
Braintrust Academy
Learn how to withdraw BTRST tokens correctly and blockchain security best practices.

Before you Withdraw BTRST Tokens

It's important to make sure you're well prepared to withdraw your BTRST tokens.
Braintrust | The First User-Controlled Talent Network
Before you can withdraw BTRST on these three things first!

How to Withdraw BTRST Tokens

Braintrust | The First User-Controlled Talent Network
Learn more about how to Withdraw BTRST Tokens.