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Blockchain, Crypto, and Web3

Learn the very basics of Blockchain and crypto, and how Braintrust is creating a user-owned talent network uniquely enabled by a Blockchain token.

Blockchain, Crypto, and Braintrust

Braintrust is built on the Ethereum blockchain.
Braintrust uses blockchain technology to transparently distribute control of its network to the community members who contribute to building it. By distributing control globally based on user contributions (like referring talent, vetting talent, and referring clients), Braintrust’s blockchain-powered model aligns the incentives of the network itself with the people building it, rather than relying on a centralized platform that would otherwise extract disproportionate value in the form of high fees from its knowledge workers.
Not only does this put more control in the hands of the community, it helps grow the network rapidly.

Braintrust’s Founders on How to Run a Decentralised Marketplace

In the past, web2 gig economy marketplaces have had to be extractive—imposing higher take-rates and lower payouts seemed to be the only way to stay in business. Many of them still struggle to be profitable.

The Future of Web3

The Future of Web3.
The Future of Web3 AMA recap