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B-0003 Vote Page to Include Off-Chain Votes

Call for proposals for the MVP Wave closes at 11:59pm PT on January 26, 2022.

About this Grant

Type: Requirements Provided
Mentor: Megan Conard, Product Management, Freelance Labs Inc.
Project Length:
  • 7 weeks
  • Estimated: 3-15 hrs/week (83 hrs total)
  • Deadline: April 21, 2022
Contribution Overview
  • Engineering
Compensation $10,375
  • Option 1: 50/50 Split USDC to BTRST
  • Option 2: 70/30 Split USDC to BTRST
  • The amount of BTRST will be determined based on the USD value of the grant (30 day trailing average USD price of the token at the time of grant issued). Add’l FAQs for compensation can be found here.

Grant Overview

As the engineer for this grant, you will be responsible for bringing provided designs and product requirements to life in the core product. Working with the Core Code team, you will be plugging into, deploying, and hosting code that will be used across all users of the Braintrust community.
Project Scope and Area Owners/Resources for B-0003

About the Project

1. What is the Problem or Opportunity?

Voting is the cornerstone of Braintrust’s decentralization ethos. The vast majority of the votes occur “off-chain” on an external voting platform called Very few “on-chain” votes occur on the Braintrust platform. In addition, few Braintrust talent users are familiar with decentralized governance processes. While they want to get involved, they find the process clunky, confusing, and high-stakes. This creates a fractured experience and few participants in the governance process.​

2. Why now?

As the Grants Program ramps up, voting on grants becomes increasingly important. Visibility into these grants, and participation in the grants are important to BTRST utility and Community participation.

3. Project Overview

This grant will provide detailed product requirements and FIGMA design files to be built and implemented within the Braintrust platform on the Vote Page. The grantee will be asked to decide the best way to show the off-chain votes from on the /vote page.
  • Integration with
  • I-frame
  • Manual inputs/updates
User Stories will address:
  • As a BTRST holder, I want to better understand the Governance Process.
  • As a BTRST holder, I want to learn how to prepare to participate in Governance.
  • As a BTRST holder, I want to understand immediate actions that I can take to actively participate in the Governance Process.
  • As a BTRST holder, I want visibility into the active and completed off-chain votes.
  • As a BTRST holder, I want to find a project update on passed votes.

3a. High-Level Requirements / Outputs

In addition to updating this page, this project includes:

  • Working with the Core Code Team (HexOcean) to push your working code onto the platform
    • Deployment notes
    • Work Hand-In-hand to work through CICD Pipeline and Hosting Efforts
  • Complete UAT of the product in staging environment
  • Propose updates to the Architecture Diagram, if necessary
  • Hand-off the project with full documentation
    • Anticipate questions from the community and proactively provide Help Center articles.
    • Provide documentation that will be open-sourced and could be used for future enhancements to the feature.

4. Milestones & Checkpoints

All contributors will be expected to record a 1-2 minute summary video to be shared with the community in the monthly Growth Reports video. Additional periodic written updates will be expected.
Anticipated Timeline and milestones (subject to change):
Week 1 (estimated 10 hrs)
  • Kickoff with Megan
    • Review Requirements / Expectations
    • Provide Access where needed
    • Decide meeting/ check in cadence
  • Complete Technical Approach Documentation
​Week 2: Get access to Core Code, Get documentation approved (estimated 3 hrs)
MILESTONE ONE: Ready with requirements and access to begin working
Week 3: Development (estimated 15 hrs)
Week 4: Development (estimated 15 hrs)
Week 5: Completed Development and write up deployment instructions (estimated 15 hrs)
MILESTONE TWO: All development is completed
Week 6: UAT Feedback & Production Release (estimated 15 hrs)
Week 7: Wrap- up documentation / Hand off Notes / Help-Center Articles (estimated 10 hrs)
MILESTONE THREE: Project is completed, grant payout is expected
Timelines and requirements will be confirmed between all parties during the Kickoff. Minor adjustments and accommodations will be made. Project Delivery can be adjusted up to two weeks. Additional changes in requirements or timelines will need to be documented using a Change Request.

The Contributor

This grant is available to any Level 1 - Level 3 Braintrust Contributor. You will be asked to submit your Discord username in your application to verify contributor status. This project requires mid-to-senior full stack engineer:
  • Experience in Django using Python / React.JS
  • Integrations expertise
  • Experience with Blockchain (Solidity) is a bonus
The best contributors to the Braintrust project...
  • Have a strong sense of commitment to the Braintrust platform and their fellow community members who will benefit from their contributions.
  • Are proactive and clear communicators that keep mentors updated with wins, challenges, and blockers.
  • Take ownership of their work, and embody a “figure it out” mentality that is driven by their desire to make Braintrust the best network.
  • Are strong project managers who identify challenges and communicate solutions early and often. They appreciate the mentors who are there to guide their work, not manage the project.

About the Selection Process

Call for Submissions
January 12, 2022
Submissions Close
January 26, 2022
Last Day for Interviews
February 11, 2022
Selection Date
February 16, 2022
Offer Acceptance Date
February 18, 2022
Project Kickoff
February 21, 2022
Estimated Project Delivery
April 21, 2022
Applicants will receive Y/N feedback from the Proposal Admins on moving onto the next step in the process within 2 business days of submission.

About the Selection Process

Additional questions about this grant should be added to this public FAQ doc. Questions will be answered by the Grant Mentor, Megan Conard.

Additional Notes about Projects in the Grant Program:

  • Grant compensation includes both the time and materials needed to complete the project. A portion of the grant can be requested up front to cover material costs. These expenses are approved by the Grants committee.
  • All projects are completed open source for the benefit of the community. Grant contributors do not own the IP associated with their grant.
  • All grants have an expectation of thorough and public documentation that can be used by future contributors that want to enhance / improve upon past efforts, document process and how-to, FAQs.
  • Grants require a 1 year service agreement (up to 10 additional hours) to accommodate bug fixing, updates to libraries, etc.
  • There is a formal process by which the Grants Committee and/or Grantee can request a change to the scope/ compensation/timelines of this project. The changes must be agreed upon by both parties.