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Welcome to Braintrust

Braintrust is a global marketplace building products to help you earn, learn, and grow.
Braintrust connects the world’s leading Talent with high paying jobs, charging them no fees while also offering opportunities for career advancement and ownership of the network they make a living on.
Want to learn more? In this guide, we take you through some of the basics on Braintrust.

How do I become Approved Talent?

The jobs we currently have on Braintrust are geared toward certain roles that require a certain level of experience.
By having all Talent go through a simple screening process, we ensure that we are able to build a community that is able to meet those specific needs and will be able to find the jobs we post relevant.
  • Start by heading to our sign up page.
  • Fill out your information, then click “sign up.”
  • Get your profile 100% filled out to start applying for jobs.
  • Send your first job application to prompt the screening process.
  • Complete the 10-minute video recording while answering four questions.
  • Your application will be reviewed within 24-72 hours
  • If approved, your profile will receive an “Approved Talent” badge, your applications will start being shown to clients, and you’ll receive other benefits from being a vetted member of our community.

What is $BTRST?

Braintrust is the first decentralized, user-controlled Talent network — and it’s through the $BTRST token that the network is able to programmatically distribute shared ownership and governance to all the people who make a living on it.
One simple way to think of tokens: They are “units of value” that allow the network to give you a vote over the network based on your relative contribution to it. The more value you build, the more you earn.
By using tokens like $BTRST, and by building on the blockchain, Web3 networks like Braintrust are able to redistribute value and operate with lower operational costs — which is how we’re able to charge Talent zero fees and an industry-low 10% fees for clients.

What are the benefits of Braintrust?

Our user-owned community believes that knowledge workers should be able to experience the freedom of freelance without giving up the security of more traditional full-time work arrangements.
That means making sure you have opportunities to work with amazing clients while still having the stability of benefits like medical insurance and retirement plans, as well as opportunities for community, transparency, and networking within your industry.
Some benefits include…

Ownership over your Network

As a member of Braintrust, you have a say over key network decisions, with each $BTRST token equaling one vote in governance. You can currently earn $BTRST by:
Additional token reward opportunities are constantly being added, so stay tuned!

Career Transparency with the Network Dashboard

At Braintrust, you don’t have to wonder if you are charging the right rate for your services. We publish live market rates on the public network dashboard — which updates every 4 hours and provides full transparency into what clients are paying for specific professions and skill sets.
Scroll down to the section marked “Average Market Rates” at the bottom. You can see rates by profession — Engineering, Design, Product, and Other — as well as by geographic region (North America, World). Within each profession, rates are sorted by skill sets, and can also be sorted alphabetically or from highest to lowest (and vice versa).

Medical and Retirement Plans

We’ve got you covered. Braintrust partners with Opolis to offer fantastic health benefits for our US Talent, with members typically saving between 20-50% on their top-rated medical, dental, and vision insurance options.
Opolis is a member-owned digital employment cooperative, and its plans work across state lines! Through it, you can also sign up for other benefits, including retirement savings options, and disability insurance. (To learn more about the full suite of Opolis Benefits, click here).

How do I use the Network Dashboard?

First, head to the public dashboard at
From there, you can view key information about your network, from Gross Sales Volume (GSV) — which shows how much Talent have earned while working on Braintrust — to how much of client fees are being converted to $BTRST tokens to fund community benefits and network improvements.
You can also find other useful information on the network dashboard. For instance, you can get updates on average project sizes and project duration, as well as how many total jobs and Talent there are on the network.
To learn more about the Network Dashboard, read this post on the Braintrust Future of Work blog.

How do I become a Connector?

The Connector Program leverages Braintrust's thriving community to make referrals to people within their network — and reward them with $BTRST tokens — to better attract new clients and Talent.
You earn 2% of new billings for each client referral, and 1% of new billings for each Talent referral, up to $100K worth of $BTRST tokens per referral.
You can get started by heading to this page — and you can learn more about the Connector Program by reading our full guide.

How do I connect with the Braintrust Community?

Sign-into your Braintrust account and head over to the Career Help Feed to start connecting with the community!
Sign into the platform and connect with the Community on the Career Help Feed