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Participate in Braintrust Governance

Use your BTRST to vote, here's how.

Who can vote?

Anyone with at least 10 BTRST in their connected wallet can participate.
However, only for on-chain creation of proposals, there is a 500 BTRST token minimum to ensure that only active/involved community members can propose.

How to participate in Governance

Participate in Governance (one-pager)

Refer to this link for guidance on how to connect your external wallet to your Snapshot account.

Braintrust Academy | Governance on Braintrust

Braintrust Academy. Learn about how Braintrust enables the community to control and manage the network and learn how to participate in the process!
Governance on Braintrust
Braintrust Academy
Learn about Governance, the governance process, and tool set-up.

Getting Setup for Governance

Braintrust | The First User-Controlled Talent Network
Getting Setup for Governance on the Braintrust Help Center.