Braintrust Community Docs

Manage your BTRST

Learn information about your Braintrust Platform Wallet and get step-by-step guidance on how to withdraw your BTRST tokens to an external wallet.
To earn BTRST, you'll need to join Braintrust by creating an account on the website.
The best way to access your BTRST is through your Braintrust account and your Braintrust Platform Wallet. From there, the decision will be yours to move your BTRST to a third party wallet of your choosing, or keep it in your wallet.

Your Braintrust Wallet

Braintrust holds your BTRST tokens for you on your Braintrust Platform Wallet, but Braintrust is not an exchange. The Braintrust platform is keeping track of BTRST that you earn and storing it for you on a wallet hosted at an insured, qualified custodian. Multi-Sig wallets are held at Coinbase and Anchorage Institutional Custody.
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You can find your Braintrust Platform Wallet on your Braintrust Dashboard
Access your wallet from your Braintrust homepage.
Once the tokens leave the Braintrust platform, they are your responsibility. If you lose them, the network cannot get them back for you. If you are new to token transfers, we recommend starting with small amounts.
If you’d like to use your tokens to vote, stake, or exchange, you will need an external wallet that is ERC-20 compatible.
You do not lose tokens when you vote on Snapshot. Your tokens determine the weight of your vote. You can transfer tokens to / from your Snapshot connected wallet as needed for voting (please allow 24 hrs for processing) but be aware of the “gas fees” (transaction fees associated with transferring tokens). Reference Governance page for more information. General best practices for securing your wallets.
⚠️ Braintrust will never ask you for personal information or credentials, nor will Braintrust ever discuss the value of BTRST beyond the utility it has on our network. Braintrust core team, admins or community leaders will never reach out to you directly on Discord to discuss the BTRST tokens.