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Your guide to becoming an active Braintrust Community builder, contributor, and participant.
The purpose of this community doc is to serve as a resource for Braintrust Community builders and contributors.
If you're interested in applying to the Braintrust Talent Network, create a Braintrust Talent Account and refer to your Talent homepage for information.

New Community Member Braintrust Checklist

Step 1. Create a Braintrust Account

Create an account on the Braintrust website. All types of accounts are where your Braintrust wallet can be accessed and where your earned BTRST tokens will be granted.
Talent Account
Connector Account
Client Account
Talent Accounts are for community members interested in becoming Approved Talent on Braintrust to apply for jobs in the network. *Braintrust Approved Talent will be assigned the Level 2 status for going through the rigorous vetting process. Join the Braintrust Discord and share your Approved Talent profile link with the yellow check-mark to skip Level 1.
Connector accounts are for community members interested in actively growing the network either by referring clients and talent or building as a contributor. Connector accounts are not designed to help you find a job on Braintrust.
The Client account is for clients interested in hiring talent on Braintrust.

Step 2. Join the Braintrust Discord Server

Join the official Braintrust Discord Server and connect with the community in real-time!
Join the Braintrust Discord Server!
Join the Braintrust Discord Server.

Step 3. Up-level your Discord Membership status

Complete the Welcome to Braintrust Course to be granted Level 1 Role status on Discord.

1. Join the Braintrust Platform and watch the “Welcome to Braintrust” Academy Course.

  1. 1.
    Log-in to your Braintrust Platform account
    1. 1.
      Or create an account if you're new:
  2. 2.
    Watch the “Welcome to Braintrust” Academy Course. Go to the LEARN section of your Braintrust dashboard or through Braintrust Academy.
  3. 3.
    You will receive a 404 unless you are logged-in to your Braintrust account or Braintrust Academy account. (
At the end of the “Welcome to Braintrust” Academy Course, you will prompted to share your Braintrust profile link. Everyone who participates in the network will need a profile to manage their referrals and earned BTRST. Your profile link will be verified and you will be assigned the Level 1 Discord role.

3. You will receive a direct message (DM) when you advance to Level 1 on Discord.

Check your DMs / messages on Discord for confirmation you were up-leveled.
How can I check my Discord Level status?
Click on your Discord username and your details will pop-up, including your assigned Discord Role.

Where can I learn more about Braintrust?

**Please note, your Discord Level Status is not associated with your Braintrust Approved Status. All Braintrust talent activity happens on the Braintrust Talent Platform. Discord is a separate platform where anyone can level up, regardless of being a Braintrust talent.