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Level up in Discord

Join the Braintrust Discord Server and start contributing.

What is the Braintrust community membership on Discord?

The Braintrust community membership is designed for people who want to build the Braintrust network. When members contribute to the Braintrust network, they level-up to unlock perks, access new features, gain permissions, and get special privileges at each level.
Join the Braintrust Discord Server!
Join the Braintrust Discord server and start contributing.

Discord Membership Levels

Level Description
Level Perks
Level 0
Everyone starts at Level 0. Advance to Level 1 by completing the Welcome to Braintrust Academy course.
Limited channel access on the Discord server, to start.
Level 1
Start building small projects and forging meaningful relationships in the community.
  • Access to Level 1 unlocked community events to help get you hired
  • Unlock more channels on the Discord server
  • Larger bounties
  • Profile & proposal review sessions for talent
  • Level 1 exclusive events, and more
Level 2
More access to jobs, exclusive community events, peer support, and more token-earning opportunities.
  • 1:1 job application support and events
  • Opportunity to participate in Level 3 community programming
  • Level 2 exclusive events and more
Level 3
Lead other Braintrust Network participants to build more impactful projects.
  • Build and lead the highest profile projects in the Braintrust network
  • Decide who gets to level up in the community
  • Level 3 exclusive events and more

Advance from Level 0 to Level 1

Instructions on up-leveling to Level 1 from Level 0 are shared here.

Advance from Level 1 to Level 2

Approved Talent are given Level 2 status. Level 1s can participate in community programming and contribution opportunities for advancement.

Advance from Level 2 to Level 3

Participate in community programming and contribution opportunities for 6+ months to advance to Level 3.