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Participate in Discord discussions

The Braintrust Discord server is where the community connects with each other and supports one another.
Head over to the Discord and find your channel topic of interest to start engaging with the community!
Discord Channel Name
Channel purpose and how to contribute
Say hello and share more information about yourselves. Serve as the welcome committee. Greet incoming community members.
Offer feedback on the Braintrust website and product. Share suggestions on how the Braintrust platform could be improved. Join user research sessions (as announced in the channel).
Introduce hiring managers across digital product, engineering, design, project management, or IT to hire talent on Braintrust.
Send incoming talent your referral link to earn 1% of their future earnings in BTRST (Max capped at $10k in BTRST per referee)
If you see something, say something. Please keep this community safe by flagging content for mods here.

Braintrust Bounties

Participate in Braintrust Bounties, ongoing projects that can be found on the Braintrust Discord server. All live bounties can be found in the BOUNTIES category on Discord.

#product-feedback: Contribute to the Braintrust Frill Board

Braintrust is rolling out a new tool (Braintrust Frill Board) to gather community feedback, ideas and bug reports.
  • Board for reporting ideas and bugs
  • Threaded comment / discussion capability
  • Idea organization and tagging
  • Upvoting
  • Feedback loops with what is happening in the product.
  • The Braintrust Core Product Team will be responding and triaging issues regularly.

How can you participate in the Braintrust Frill Board?

  • Add your ideas and post a link in the #product-feedback channel to gather support.
  • Upvote ideas that you love!
  • Add comments and join in the discussion with existing ideas.
  • The board is pre-populated with issues that community members had previously submitted.
  • You do not need to create an account to participate and share your feedback/idea/bug!